Agreements are used when the college receives technical assistance or enters into contracts with individuals, for example. B the teaching of special non-credit courses by the Workforce and Community Education sector, artists, teachers or teacher advisors for our teaching majors. All contract forms must be original and contain minimum information containing the seller`s full name and address, the Federal Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN), the type of service provided and the original signature. An updated W-9 application form for the tax identification number and certification form must also be registered. All agreements are approved by WVU Parkersburg`s Vice President of Administration and Finance and or President. Departments are not empowered to enter into prior agreements. The Tender Request (RFP) is available as a procurement method when sealed bids are neither feasible nor advantageous. A PSR is an invitation to lenders to submit a proposal to solve a problem if the buyer is unsure of the solution. The PSR requirement must provide a detailed description of the problem as well as all specific mandatory elements deemed essential to the solution, as well as all other elements that may affect the service receivable.

However, RFP must not contain information that prevents other providers from providing the same service or solution or participating in the purchase process. The purchasing process begins with the fact that the department or person needs goods or services. The first step in all purchase bookings is the preparation and transmission of an order request to the purchasing department. This form, which must be completed before the purchase, is used for the purchase of cards, orders, contracts, etc. Large purchases in dollars over $50,000 are closed by a tendering process. Princeton Mayor David Graham added, “The City of Princeton recognizes that our future depends to a large extent on the long-term stability of Princeton Community Hospital. The partnership agreement with WVU hospitals will contribute to the stability and quality of services in our region and others. We fully support this agreement and this opportunity.

WVU Parkersburg employees have no financial interest in purchasing equipment, materials, supplies or other goods and services from the vendor. A detailed description of the goods or services requested A document expressing the willingness of the parties to participate in a project, which are usually presented before a subcontracting agreement.