7.2. The approved progress report must be submitted to the employment company on the Tuesday following the week at which it relates to 5 p.m. The contractor must also submit an appropriate invoice, unless the contractor has entered into a self-billing contract with the company. 4.1.6. The agent is legally entitled to work in the competent jurisdiction and is authorized for the duration of the transfer; If your recruitment company changes the agency it uses but wants you to continue working for it to use it as a timer, it may request that you make a change or registration with another agency. Your old agency could charge your recruitment company a “temp-to-temp” fee for your transfer to another agency. 4.1.9. its agreement with the delegate obliges the delegate to respect all relevant commitments set out in this agreement, including, but not limited to all confidentiality and intellectual property obligations; If your agency provides invoiced services, you must receive complete written information about the services, including your right to cancel or withdraw the services and the length of the notice you must specify. Types of work: We are looking for work that is tailored to your skills and experience, or as others have asked you to do. 3.2.4. We make weekly payments for work you have done, whether or not we expect payment from the customer. 5.7.2. Without the customer`s consent, no software is installed on client computer devices or networks; and 2.3.

This agreement applies to all contracts made by the contractor through the work company, subject to any replacement or modification made from time to time by the company. Any amendment or amendment to this agreement is not valid if it is made during an assignment, unless the details of this amendment are agreed between the work company and the contractor, are established in writing and, no later than five business days after the date the change was made, a copy of the amended agreement is given to the holder. date or above which these amended conditions apply.