The second largest online marketplace, after Amazon, Walmart is responding to Amazon Prime and its Prime badge with the Walmart Free 2 Day Shipping Tag. With the day, sellers can guarantee buyers a quick shipping, register buyers who are willing to buy and get more visibility for their products. There are several hard rules for being a seller on the Walmart Marketplace in addition to a few recommendations. “One important thing to [] is to send maximum within one or two days. We use geeksellers to hire their API for command and shipping status updates.¬†For example, Walmart experts are closely monitoring a seller`s performance at Walmart. Based on certain factors, Walmart creates a scorecard for its sellers, reflecting the performance of the respective sellers. Part of what Amazon offers sellers to attract many new customers and sell as many as possible is that the use of individual UPCs can create some problematic problems. Here`s a seller`s experience: Walmart uses buy boxes to promote competition among sellers who offer the same product. This allows them to offer the product to the customer at a fair price. By joining the Walmart Marketplace, you`ll have the unique opportunity to reach more than 100 million of unique visitors each month (source: comScore) and join the thousands of suppliers and vendors who call themselves Walmart partners. As a marketplace seller, you have control of your business, including inventory, retail prices, execution and customer service. To win the Buy Box, a seller would have to offer the same product at the lowest price.

The shipping price is included. Simply presenting the plan does not result in the reintroduction of your sales rights to walmart`s marketplace. After filing your case, Walmart will contact you within two days to make its decision. Neither all suspended sellers have the right to challenge reinstatement, for example. B in the event of a breach of trust and security standards, you may not or may not be eligible for the claim. Whether you are able to appeal or not, the Post Office, which notifies the suspension, also informs the sellers. Sell your products in addition to the wide range sold by Walmart and other marketplace sellers, in addition to blocking the seller`s account, Walmart reserves the right to remove a specific offer that violates these rules. “The four weeks mentioned in onboarding really depend on how quickly the seller can finalize order scenarios without errors or setbacks. In some cases, you can speed up the process by working with an official Walmart solution provider like SellerActive. Based on the chosen shipping model, Walmart sellers enter the expected transit times and shipping costs.

Updates can be made at the item level and the offer of several shipping methods allows customers to update their shipment. This will allow them to get their product faster if you wish, which can be very useful during the buying process. Currently, Walmart allows third parties in more than 35 product categories to offer their products on its Marketplace. expects sellers to provide all post-sales transactions, from shipping and settlement to customer service, exchanges and returns. These are essentially CPC (Cost Per Click) ads that can be used for a variety of purposes: Brand Lift, Product View Lift, Percent of Exposed Shoppers, Add to Cart, Search Lift and ROAS.