In their first public reaction to Democrat Joe Biden`s victory in the US presidential election, the Taliban said in a statement that the Doha agreement was “an excellent document to end the war and for a better future for both countries.” Key players such as Qatar, which is hosting the talks, and neighbouring Pakistan, whose government and army have helped pressure the Taliban to bring them to the negotiating table, also welcomed the agreement, which Doha described as a “milestone.” A Taliban spokesman confirmed the agreement on Twitter. At a conference in Kabul, the Danes said the insurgents did not believe in a peaceful solution to the conflict. “We [the Afghan government] have neither signed nor ratified this agreement [the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement] and, from our point of view and commitments, we are not responsible for the details of its contents,” he added. The agreement to advance the substantive negotiations was welcomed by the United Nations, representatives of the countries in Kabul, Pakistan`s Afghan neighbour and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, who called the announcements by the Afghan government and the Taliban an “important milestone” on Wednesday. The tripartite framework agreement for the talks was announced on Wednesday almost simultaneously by negotiators from both sides on Twitter. The agreement was held in pre-trial detention last month after the insurgents opposed the document because it specifically mentioned the Afghan government. “This agreement shows that the parties to the negotiations can agree on difficult issues,” Khalilzad said. It is not entirely clear how the two sides have resolved their procedural differences, but two Afghan officials familiar with the talks said Wednesday`s agreement was reached without the official name or the mention of the “Islamic Emirate” in the documents. The agreement points to the way forward for the debate, but it is seen as a step forward because it will allow negotiators to move on to more substantive issues, including ceasefire talks, even though Taliban attacks on Afghan government forces have continued unabated. The deal comes after the two sides found themselves on the brink last month. The Taliban and government negotiators agreed on the principle of about two dozen procedural points, Afghan officials said, but a concrete agreement was reached by President Ashraf Ghani, who instructed the government`s negotiating team to include at least one other condition: that the government, with its official name, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan , be included in the guidance documents. The recent agreement, amid rising tensions, appears to be the result of efforts in informal talks between the two sides late in the evening, said Andrew Watkins, senior Afghanistan analyst at the International Crisis Group. That is why the Afghan government was not a party to the agreement between the United States and the Taliban.

Instead, the February 2020 agreement only committed the Taliban to negotiate directly with the Afghans. ISLAMABAD – The United States said it had reached an agreement with the Taliban to “reset the measures strictly within the terms of an agreement reached between the two opponents earlier this year when the war in Afghanistan was being sent. KABUL – Peace talks led by the Taliban and Afghan government teams reached an agreement Wednesday on a set of rules and procedures, a minor but important step that will allow both sides to move forward after months of inaction in their quest for a political solution to end two decades of war.