Dias said this agreement is different because of its size and the length of Ford`s commitment. Details of pensions, wages and other economic measures were not disclosed. However, Mr. Dias said he was “very satisfied” with what the union negotiated, including “positive changes” to the 10-year wage growth period. Dias stated that the redevelopment of the facility would take place in 2024, one year after the expiry of the interim contract. Asked whether Ford would build the Crossover Edge and Lincoln Nautilus in Oakville by then, Dias declined to comment and said they would first give details with members at deratification meetings. Plus:Ford reaches “Home Run” employment contract with major investments in slides the Canadian government said the agreement, which is subject to a one-night ratification vote by members, includes five models of electric vehicles for the Ford Oakville plant. Dias said Unifor will negotiate with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. If the Ford agreement is ratified by members, union leaders will try to make it a new contract with FCA.

“We generally have a good negotiating relationship with Ford,” Dias told the Free Press after ratification. “In 2016, we also made significant investments from Ford. Ford has a solution story. The agreement between Unifor and Ford is expected to set the tone for upcoming negotiations with Fiat Chrysler and General Motors. And expect that there will be questions about pensions, which could also be essential to the guarantee of aid. Dias acknowledged that Oakville EV`s manufacturing plan, which includes a $1.8 billion redevelopment in 2024 and the installation of five electric vehicles at the plant by 2028, will require less manpower, with the first being built in 2025. “Jim Farley understood the importance of Oakville,” the union leader said after the press conference. “We had very, very, very good conversations with Mr. Farley.

This announcement will only be made if Jim Farley makes this decision. He`s taking over. It`s her baby. In a statement, Ryan Kantautas, ford of Canada`s Vice President of Human Resources, confirmed that the company has entered into a preliminary contract with Unifor, although it declined to give details. Unifor, which had established Ford as a strike target in model collective bargaining, sealed an agreement with the automaker that sells the most vehicles in Canada. The union announced that discussions were now beginning with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and then ended with General Motors. Kristin Dziczek, vice president of industry, laboratory and economics at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, said the deal appeared to be good news for Unifor members in Oakville, though it remains to be seen what concessions the union had to make on wages, including the 10-year growth period, and related issues.