So I`m trying to figure out the best way to deal with this. I have a service plan with a development project. In the “Institutions” project, I have three project missions. In each of these tasks, I assigned a specific responsible organization by working group. With respect to the installation and troubleshooting tasks of the premises, the start and end times of these tasks are affected only by relevant service level agreements (SAM) and not by the layout of the space and the ventilation times of the space. If there are no SAM records, the duration of the operation is considered 0 (i.e. the start and end times are the same). From improving service quality to promoting sustainable development goals, IBM TRIRIGA`s main options are for your organization: Suppose you have a service agreement from which you generated your existing Sam (Service Assignment Matrix) datasets. Everything is fine until you want to add a new class of requirements to the service agreement. If you change the agreement based on the documentation, it looks like you`ll need to re-generate all OF the SAM DE records. Is it possible to add a subordinate service code to the hierarchy of cost codes? In the storage fee code, I can add another location, project or service code. However, there is no other hierarchy at the lower level in the service fee code.

I guess one of the workflows needs to be changed, but I don`t know which one? Our client`s tabular metric reports, which are supposed to indicate the tasks of service requirements, seem to have some problems. Although the tasks are found in the report, they are not always or not displayed in the list. Second, in the service plan, you define the rule for assigning projects and processes to “Auto-Assign to Service Provider.” This allows the workflow to be triggered to search for assigned sam datasets, in order to define the organization responsible for the dataset of the implementation project and the tasks of the project. As I said before, the impact of this process will generate sam records, but it takes so long for it to upset the whole system. It is much easier to modify and re-edit the service agreement directly, as all sam recordings can be regenerated in much less time.