This agreement and the rental law (Husleieloven) govern the rights and obligations of the tenant and the lessor in the tenancy agreement. A rental agreement must be written down. 6. When the tenant has evacuated the premises, he is required to remove all personal belongings. Once the tenant has been removed, items accepted as property of the tenant or a member of the tenant`s household are found on the site, so that SSN must keep these items at the tenant`s expense. However, objects considered waste can be disposed of immediately. If the conservatory requires the owner`s work, the owner may seek appropriate compensation. See the Norwegian rent law. Section 10-3 (second subsection). 7. In units where electricity is not included, the tenant is required to maintain his current subscription and pay for electricity until the end of the lease.

SSN notifies the Network Manager (Skagerak) to cancel the current subscription and announces the final meter reading. 8. A tenant terminates the rental agreement, he is required to make the premises accessible to potential new tenants for a demonstration. An undeclared lease agreement is in progress until it is terminated by one of the parties. If the lease does not set a notice period, the notice period is three months. The tenant can terminate the lease for no reason. The termination must be made in writing. The landlord may terminate the lease if he has legitimate reasons to do so. The termination by the owner must be done in writing. The tenant may object to termination and termination expires if the lessor does not advance the matter to the conciliation body/The Rental Price Tribunal in Oslo, Akershus, Bergen and Trondheim (HTU-Husleietvistutvalget).

However, it cannot be agreed to obtain unreasonably compared to those usually leased in contracts for newly leased real estate on similar terms. But in practice, this provision is not painful for the owner. A lease agreement may be registered for a specified period (“non-programmable”) or for an unspecified period (“termable”). The taking of illegal drugs, both in the builiding and on the ground, can lead to forced exit (eviction) and the rental contract is immediately terminated in accordance with Norwegian law 9-9 of the residential rental agreement, point e. section 12-1. The agreement between the lessor and the tenant on the lease of housing by arbitration is binding only if such an agreement on arbitration decisions has been reached after the dispute. Section 12-2. If the parties do not agree on the market rent under Section 3-1 or on the current level of rents in accordance with Section 4-3, one of the parties may request that the dispute be decided by a rent assessment board. The same applies if the parties do not agree on compensation for the planned improvements in Section 10-5.