If you pay a weekly rent, your landlord must provide you with a rental book. However, this does not apply if you pay “pension” as part of your rent for the meals offered. In lease agreements, “harassment” against a tenant or licensee is a very broad term used in bulk to cover a number of activities that may harm the peace or comfort of the occupant or his or her household members. The Protection of the Eviction Act of 1977, as amended by the Housing Act of 1988, makes an owner (or someone acting on his behalf) an offence to evict someone from his or her home, or to prevent the occupier from using part of it if he has the right to live there – through harassment, violence, services such as gas, or any other type of disturbance. Local authorities (usually through the Tenants Association, the Housing Authority or the Ministry of the Environment) may take legal action in this situation, including prosecution if they deem it appropriate. In the case of excluded licences, the required notice is simply the longest of what has been agreed between the parties (if any) and what is “reasonable.” At the end of the day, common sense can only be judged by the courts, but it is a question of fairness and common sense: for example, taking into account the behaviour of the licensee or how easy it would be for him or for them to find alternative housing. Communication of the same length that would be required for a similar lease would normally be considered appropriate, but if there is likely to be a dispute, legal advice would be required. Again, there is no legal need to inform in writing, but it is recommended to do so. Your landlord does not need a court order to evict you, but he may have one if he decides to do so. You will be infringed if you remain in the dwelling without your landlord`s permission, either at the end of the fixed validity period or at the end of the notice period.

In the case of an excluded rental mode, termination must be at least the duration of the tenancy and end at one rental day, unless you and the tenant agree otherwise. However, there is no minimum of four weeks (for example. B a weekly rent with a week of termination) could be completed, and you and the tenant can agree in advance that the termination should be shorter or longer. Notification doesn`t need to be written (so there are no requirements for the prescribed form), but it`s a good idea to write it down anyway, in case of future litigation. No matter how it is served, it must always be clear and properly reprimanded to be valid. Prior to December 1, 2003, a lease was a stamped document and should have been sent or sent to the stamp office for valid if it was used later in court.