Solar Inverter Preventive Maintenance: Set Solar will be able to perform the same tests and corrections for your solar converters. Set Solar has a dedicated team of field technicians and technicians who will actively ensure the quality and performance of a solar project with efficient maintenance. In general, this involves signing maintenance contracts – but make sure you adapt the agreement to your specific goals and requirements. SolarPower Europe O-M Best Practice Guides are a manual, a set of definitions, minimum requirements, best practices and recommendations that companies can use to implement and streamline organizational activities to a defined standard. Die sieben Vertragsvorlagen von SESI bieten ein Mittel zur Rationalisierung des rechtlichen Aspekts der Solarentwicklung und des Solarbetriebs. It describes the way forward to raise standards as “exploiting existing expertise with all related market players and combining with simplified [SESI] contracts, which are linked to a fair balance of risks and for which the most appropriate party is associated with the corresponding risk. Instead of the parties embarking on project development and still trying to reinvent the positions of each party and the balance between the treaties, the parties can have confidence that the standardized agreement has taken up all the experiences of recent years and created a balance that allows the parties to feel comfortable with the standard set of documents. Solar modules generally require very little maintenance to operate. The only thing they need is regular light cleaning to ensure that dirt, leaves and other debris do not interfere with the sun`s rays. This year`s Solar Asset Care Conference, organized by SolarPower Europe and the Solar Trade Association, will contain the results of the Global Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative (SESI) and the SolarPower Europe O-M Task Force. These include version 2.0 of SESI O-M and SolarPower Europe Best Practices Guidelines. The first step in understanding the role and importance of a solar operating and maintenance agreement is to define what it really means.