Under SCE`s current net measurement program, you will receive a full credit for the performance you send to the network. When your solar system is overproduced and sends electricity to the grid, you will recover the same amount of electricity if you need it to power your home later in the day if the sun does not shine. For every kilowatt of electricity you send into the grid, you will receive the same amount of kilowatts. NEM 2.0 establishes new guidelines for Edison, Pacific Gas – Electric (PG-E) and San Diego Gas-Electric (SDG-E). For each public service, the net measure 2.0 is introduced when the 5% ceiling is reached. The P`s D and the SDGs have both reached their ceilings and SCE is expected to begin measuring net worth 2.0 in July 2017. ToU tariffs are designed to match your electricity costs to the demand of the electricity grid adapted to the electricity grid. Electricity is the most expensive in times of high demand, such as. B in the late afternoon and early evening, which means your company charges you more per kWh during these “peak hours.” It also means that net meter credits are worth more for the electricity you send back to the grid during peak periods. In accordance with the decision approved by the Commission, SDG-E is required to withdraw installation contracts for power purchase contracts, rental systems or customer-specific systems on the interconnection portal and pass them on to the Energy on Demand division. SDGs may not use the information contained in contracts collected for purposes other than those expressly approved by the Executive Director of the Commission or its representative.

NeM 2.0 registration for PG-E, SCE and SCE-E customers begins after each utility reaches its original net meter limit, or by July 1, 2017, depending on what happens first. The status of each utility is as follows: Curious to know how the measurement of the network works at a high level? Watch our video preview below: Under NEM 2.0, every owner who installs a solar installation is automatically converted to TOU rates for their electricity bills. What you pay per kWh depends on your utility. Solar panel systems operating under THE NEM 2.0 number can be as cost effective as traditional network dosages with the correct design of the system.