Excellent service and very fast reaction. Thank you for your excellent service. We got the agreement on time. Satisfied with the service and quality of the work After the agreement is concluded, our customer service team and the portal keep the document status. We then provide your data to the government and within 3 business days, the printed copy of your e-Stempeln registered rental agreement will be delivered to your front door. And what else is there? You don`t even need to leave your home! We will also send you softcopys so you never lose your registered lease. You can now use your holiday and your registered license agreement for all your works. Our trained manager will visit your door to perform the service and contract. A registered lease agreement is defined as a legal document specifying the terms of an agreement for one person, in order to use the property of another person for a specified period of time. This is an agreement between the tenant and the landlord for the property rented by the owner to the pension and their interest in the agreement is preserved by the conclusion of a legal registration of a tenancy agreement. It`s a great service. Just a few minutes for the contract. And they, too, send me the Softcopy as fast as expected and before the time.

It was really great!. I liked it. Keep the good work of the guys. After registration, we share the final agreement by email. He has a lease within 2 days… without headaches. Thank you very much. The delay before that neither the landlord nor the tenant can terminate the contract.

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This page is really recommended for other people. Prices are also reasonable. Again, thank you for everything. ??? We offer you the easiest way to get your lease registered in Pune, which gives you a first-class experience and the best affordable prices. You can register from home with our front door service. Prison sentence of three months or no more than `5000/- or both. NPST an “Authorized Service Provider” selected by the Department of Registration and Stamps, the Maharashtra government for the provision of online rental service has taken a step forward to reach citizens, raise awareness and provide a service at their comfortable time and place. We used modern technology to create phone reach and web service for a simple transaction for citizens. Once you authorize the holidays and the proposed licensing agreement, we can schedule an appointment for the registration of leave and the license agreement. Our team visits your home in Pune on the scheduled day and on time and biometric registration is done at home for parties, tenant and landlord.

This front door service is available every day of the week and is also available on Sundays! So you don`t have to jump out of the office early on business days. I used the second time with the same renewal. It`s really nice and convenient service. Thank you very much. If the tenant can have pets in the apartment to rent.