Often, there will be fraudsters who disguise themselves as banks or government institutions to request your financial information or login details. In addition, you may be redirected to a fake login page that claims to be your bank. This is called phishing and results in the theft of your savings or unknown purchases charged by your credit cards if you are not careful. If you are not sure if a request or website is “original,” contact your bank via your credit/debit or debit card phone number, as the phone number listed in the application or website may also be fake. Take advantage of a 10-day cooling-off period (or 3 business days accelerated at your request) before entering into the credit purchase agreement. IDEAL CS is a syariah credit sales system for motorcycles and consumer goods, in which the customer can benefit from the calm with total transparency on the sale price and time to reflect before deciding to continue the financing agreement. Replace your password with a longer “passphrase” that makes your login data harder for hackers to guess. A pass sentence contains numbers, capital letters and symbols that together form a sentence. For example, “I@lwaysliket0buysh0es” is a pass phrase.

You should change your password regularly and use a different pass phrase for each of your accounts. If you don`t remember everyone, you may need to write them in a safe and private place. Please contact us at the cs@parksoncredit.com.my to check. Thank you very much. We inform you that Parkson Credit Sdn has not asked third parties, organizations or websites to make personal funding requests. Write to us, we`re here to help you solve your financial difficulties. Langkah 2. Masukkan 12-stellignombor Perjanjian di Ref-1 serta Nombor Phone Bimbit di Ref-2 (Wajib). Good morning! We know you need help. We`re here for you! Langkah 1. Di bahagian JomPAY laman web perbankan internet atau mudah alih anda, sila masukkan nombor Biller Code 2238 kami. We are happy to connect to free Wi-Fi whenever we are in public spaces such as hotels, airport and restaurants.

But most of us are unaware that these public wi-fi connections generally do not offer a high level of security compared to wired internet connections, wireless encrypted networks or mobile data connections.