If none of the remaining payment attempts have been successful, you should simply treat these transactions in the same way as a decrease. This does not require additional measures on your part and allows for complete automation of the system. If you want to continue paying, you should call your acquiring bank`s authorization center – not the cardholder bank – with the card data. The authorization code must then be forwarded to MasterCard Payment Gateway Services to continue the payment. The URU Fraud Screening Service is available as a separate type of transaction. This allows you to use the service before trying to pay the transaction. This means that the URU service can be used before any of the services listed. When a specified number of payments is indicated, upfront and/or final payments may, if applicable, be set for a different date and value than regular payments. Once a transaction has been accepted, your system can complete the normal ordering process.

Every day payments are generated from your accounts, the DPG automatically sends you an email containing the results of all payments in a standard CSV schedule. This can be used to update your own systems automatically. You will also be informed of all cards that expire before the next payment. The PayPal Do reference allows you to authenticate a user PayPal using Express Checkout. Repetitive payments can then be supported by this account PayPal. Can be used either to terminate the account or a payment The payer authorizes the billing agreement. If you make a first payment, it will also be confirmed. PayPal will then redirect the payer to your website. Tokens for subsequent payments will be obtained as a bipedal transaction processing product or through a stand-alone jekenization process, which generates a je-token but is not allowed, allowing merchants to stack card numbers for jeken production. The token is clear for the card number and not for the transaction i) The distributor submits a standard authorization application to the MasterCard Payment Gateway, (ii) MasterCard Payment Gateway Services processes the transaction request and contacts the dealer`s deposit bank for authorization iii) As long as the authorization request is valid, a 40-character alphanumeric token in the authorization response is returned. iv) The token must be used within 48 months; Otherwise, the token expires and the merchant must collect new card data from the cardholder to process a payment. Please note: This option is only available if the total number of regular payments has been set This agreement establishes the entire agreement and understanding of the parties regarding the purpose contained in this area and replaces all agreements, promises, pacts, agreements, agreements, communications, insurance or guarantees, orally or in writing, by an officer, associate, collaborator or representative of a party on this subject.