A land acquisition contract must include the following conditions: A land purchase contract in Nigeria is a formal contract by which a seller agrees to purchase land on specific terms defined in writing in the agreement signed by both parties. Explicitly state how the agreement is terminated if one of the parties is late under the terms agreed in the agreement. A survey plan is used to indicate the location and size of the landholding. With the descriptions and contact information on the survey document, it is easier to check from the surveyor general`s office or to check whether or not the country is actually under the control of a state acquisition. You need information from buyers and sellers. You also need to know the peculiarities of the property of interest. They must be the size of the country, the situation, the local government (LGA) and the state within Nigeria. The recital clause in the land acquisition contract sets out the brief details of the land and its derivatives. Such clauses will explain how the seller became the owner of the land he is about to sell. A proof of purchase of land is a normal proof or proof that reflects the receipt of payment of a given property or land. As a general rule, sellers give a receipt to the buyer when selling a property.

However, the receipt may be degenerated if the receipt clause is seeded in the document that transfers the land. The purchase price is the essential element of the contract to purchase the land and should be clearly mentioned in the contract. The only purpose of this article is to show you an agreement to sell Nigerian sample country. Finally, you can try to establish a land sale contract. It won`t be perfect, but it`s a good start. A land acquisition contract is generally referred to as a “sales contract” or “sales contract.” It can be easy with little information, or it can be detailed to buy all the information and future commitments of the parties with regard to the country. The seller and buyer must assume a special responsibility in connection with the land acquisition contract. The seller is willing to release the buyer from any claim, claim, disturbance or interruption that may result from a lack of property rights or rights of the buyer on the land.

On the other hand, the buyer must agree to pay the full payment of the land if the purchase price is payable in increments. The buyer must also commit to complying with all other obligations defined in the contract. The transfer or transport will activity is used in sales transactions to permanently transfer a basic property from the seller (also called the beneficiary of the transfer) to the buyer (also referred to as the assignee). It can be written by the assignee and verified by the agent, or vice versa. It is so instructive that only lawyers are allowed to prepare instruments relating to the land.