Next week, Lord wants, it is the 1st Sunday of Advent – we will focus on the hope we receive following the first arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today we will examine God`s agreements with David. “It is this image of the covenant that challenges most of our thoughts on the covenant in the Old Testament, and in the phrase “Law and Gospel,” it represents the old covenant of the law, unlike the new covenant of the Gospel [of Jesus Christ]. But older than the mosaic covenant, the royal alliance [of Abraham, extended by David], promised stability to the royal house. [14] The idea that these alliances are grantartartseins is also based on the similar language used in both languages. In the attention of Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian, to his servant Bulta, he describes Bulta`s loyalty with the phrase “kept the charge of my kinship.” Abraham also retained God`s responsibility in Genesis 26:4-5: “I will give all these lands to your descendants… I take care of it, and my loading, my commandments, my rules and my teachings. [6] Because David was a man according to the heart of God, a man with a tender awareness towards his Creator, God made with him a clean and distinct covenant, in addition to the covenant he had made with Israel. So when David wanted to build a house for God, the Almighty, through the prophet Nathan, sent a message to David: In addition, there are several parts of the Ancient Testament in the Bible that repeat the future literal realization of this promise. Psalm 89 God affirms and ensures the future fulfillment of God`s covenant with David.

They say, “I have made an alliance with My elected; I swore to David, my servant, that I will raise your posterity forever and build your throne to all generations. Psalm 89:27-29- The Lord says of David: “I will also do it my firstborn, the highest king of the earth.” My God, I will keep him forever, and my covenant will be confirmed to him. “I will straighten his posterity forever, and I will rise his throne as the days of heaven.” The seriousness of this covenant, supported by God`s faithfulness, is once again assured by God in Psalm 89:34-37: “I will not hurt my covenant, and I will not change the expression of my lips.