Marriages and unions are contracts. They make promises to each other. Promises usually relate to what happens when the relationship ends. But they can also explain what will happen during the relationship if there is a problem. The main objective is to avoid future conflicts. One of the best ways to achieve fairness is for each party to have independent legal advice from a B.C family lawyer prior to the signing of the agreement. These include any party who meets with his or her own family lawyer for advice on what cohabitation or marriage agreement means, on the rights and obligations that the agreement grants to each party, and on the impact of the agreement on other legal issues. The independent legal advice of a family lawyer does not guarantee that a marriage agreement will be enforced by the courts when challenged under the B.C. Family Law Act, but it significantly reduces the risk. If you are considering a marriage or cohabitation agreement, the Vancouver family`s lawyers at Crossroads Law offer packages for these agreements and a free half-hour consultation. Contact us at the number below or at the email address to set up a consultation with a vancouver family lawyer.

Jessica practices in all areas of family law bc, including custody, access, support and division of property at the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Reichter Provincial Court, in addition to her non-judicial records, which include negotiating and preparing family law agreements on separation, cohabitation , parenthood and co-ownership. Jessica`s files include both collaborative negotiations and disputes over assistance, custody, guardianship, marriage, separation and divorce with property department issues under BC family law in the Divorce Act, Family Law, Capital Act and Law (Spouse) Protection Act of BC. The JP Boyd on Family Law Wikibook, organized by Courthouse Libraries BC, has detailed information on marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements, including the development of advice. Jessica is known for her practical and well-argued approach to resolving cohabitation, separation and divorce disputes.