(g) Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of these conditions, licensed Cloudera products made available to the Member after November 20, 2019, Cloudera Partner Development subscription or Cloudera Online Partner Partner Development Subscription (together the “Partner Development Subscription”) defined in www.cloudera.com/partners/partner-terms-conditions/partner-development-subscription-agreement.html for the use or access to Cloudera products licensed for internal training are not submitted in writing. Integration, development and experimentation of members` products and services; demonstration of cloudera products or products and services granted by the member; or for other purposes as defined in such terms (together “partner development goals”). The member accepts and accepts the corresponding associated development subscription for all licensed Cloudera products made available under the program after November 20, 2019. The member may also be required to: accept and accept the associated subscription (i) if he sends a license application form by clicking on a field or button indicating the online acceptance of the subscription to product development, (ii) by downloading, using or accessing Cloudera products under license, or (iii) in another way, as indicated by Cloudera, when it provides members with licensed products. The parties recognize and accept that all licensed Cloudera products made available under the program by November 20, 2019 remain subject to the conditions applicable before that date, including, for example, the conditions set out in subsections 3.1.1 (a), b), c) or d). 6. The secret. “Confidential Information” refers to any information that Cloudera makes available to the customer in oral, written or other form, material or immaterial, about this contract or Cloudera (before, on the effective date or after the effective date) that the Customer is, in light of the facts and circumstances regarding the disclosure of information by or related to the customer, of the confidential information provided by Cloudera. Confidential information includes, among other things, elements of business plans, products, inventions, design plans, financial plans, computer programs, know-how, customer information, strategies and other similar information.