Appropriation portability is subject to the University of Bellevue`s transfer credit policy and requires the presentation of official transcripts. Official transcripts are evaluated to determine credits that are officially valid for a Bellevue University graduation program. All applicants who do not meet these standards are, as far as possible, referred to the college for additional internships. Students who pass with a degree of study are recognized for all programs of study and follow a junior status in Samtazularux. This applies to both traditional bachelor`s and accelerated bachelor`s studies. We understand that you balance work, family and other tasks. We want your transfer to Bellevue University to be as smooth as possible. If you have already obtained an associate degree, then you are on your way to the bachelor`s degree, because we accept your entire associate degree. There are many opportunities at the University of Bellevue, In order to accelerate your degree, including recognition for the training accomplished in the work or army.

88% of graduates of the University of Bellevue 2018-2019 have managed to transfer study credits to complete their bachelor`s degree. The University of Bellevue requires transfer students to obtain an associate degree or approximately 60 hours of credit prior to the transfer. To see how credits are transferred, please see the Real Time Course Credit Transfer Guide. You don`t need to find out for yourself. We have helpful people to help you in your transfer. Your advisor will meet with you to discuss your academic history and complete an assessment of your previously earned credits, to see what requirements you have met and which ones you have not yet fulfilled. Detailed information on transfers – from the BCC to the University of Bellevue – is included in the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Bellevue and the University college of Bergen – According to Bellevue University`s 2013-14 annual report, StraighterLine, Bellevue`s university partner, is in the process of unconditionally transferring course credits for Bellevue`s programs.