The cost of our contract, along with all the benefits listed below, are included 5.2 If Base 1 of Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 applies with respect to the property (see note below), the lessor must complete the notice in Schedule 2 of this agreement and notify the tenant before the agreement is concluded. Download the model for the rental contract as a PDF. The form is based on the UK government`s submission of a secure short-term lease. Section 7 prohibits the subletting of all property for the duration of the lease. If the tenant sublet the entire property for the duration of the lease or for an extended period of time, so that the property is no longer the principal residence of the tenant, he may lose his status as a short-term insured tenant and the legal protection that results. 3.3 The lessor must provide the tenant with information relating to the property, the property`s facilities and all the services provided to the property, as long as it is reasonably necessary for the tenant to be able to meet the obligations arising from clauses C2 (payment of municipal tax, procurement and other costs) and C4 (maintenance and maintenance of the property) of that agreement. A tenancy agreement, even a short lease, a lease, a guaranteed short lease (AST) or a tenancy agreement is a contract between the tenant and the landlord. Landlord: A reference to the lessor in this contract contains a reference to the person who is entitled to an immediate return to the tenancy agreement and to any person entitled by law to collect the rent to be paid under the tenancy agreement. 32.1The owner agrees that all notifications that must be made as part of the framework or under this contract and that must be made in writing can be sent to the lessor by leaving it either at the address listed below or by mailing first class to that address. Notifications must be received the day after leaving the accommodation or the day after the shipment. Note: Fixed life expiry.

Clause B4.2 provides for the creation of a legal term tenancy agreement where the lessor and tenant do not enter into a new tenancy agreement at the end of the term term. This simply reflects what the law says occurs when the fixed term expires, but the tenant stays in the property without entering into a new lease with the landlord. A legal periodic tenancy agreement is a lease agreement that runs from month to month or week to week (depending on how often the rent is paid). Most of the clauses in this contract (for example. B the obligations of the tenant and the lessor) will be identical in the legal exercise tenancy agreement, but the landlord can increase the rent and may possibly change other contractual conditions if he follows the correct procedure.