These agreements allow students to apply courses taught under BMCC-specific programs through the Centre for Continuing Education – Workforce Development to university credits. The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) is committed to partnering with two-year colleges and community colleges that offer programs consistent with CALS`s mission. An important way to do this is through articulation chords. A articulation agreement corresponds to the course work between schools and aims to help students make a smooth transition during the transition to CALS. Joint agreements are designed to provide students with more training opportunities and to remove barriers between universities and universities. A articulation agreement, or transfer agreement, is a plan agreed between two institutions for loans granted by a college to move to a 4-year program to another. By following the transfer contract, in most cases, students can take at least half of the credits required to earn a bachelor`s degree at Bay Mills Community College and bring these credits to their target institution, where they can obtain a 4-year degree. For more information on these agreements, please visit the NYU Meyers website or the NYU Meyers Office of Student Affairs and Admissions at 212-998-5317 or BMCC has developed articulation agreements with several higher education institutions and universities that offer bachelor`s degrees and more.

Below is a list of these articulation agreements. Please note that in the event of a transfer and transfer agreement, it is very important to work closely with an advisor at the BMCC and within the institution to which you wish to transfer. The BMCC is committed to strengthening partnerships with other universities. The formation of articulation agreements is an important way to do this. A articulation agreement is a formally approved agreement that corresponds to the course work between schools. These agreements are intended to help students make a smooth transition during the transfer. BMCC currently has articulation agreements with: NYU Meyers has developed articulation agreements with Skidmore College, Yeshiva University Stern College for Women and St. Lawrence University for students wishing to complete bachelor`s degrees at NYU. The NYU College of Arts and Science (CAS) has partnered with American Honors to promote and improve transfer opportunities for highly qualified community students who wish to move to NYU to obtain their bachelor`s degree at NYU CAS. Students are encouraged to meet with their university advisors to choose appropriate courses that meet the requirements of the Michigan Transfer Agreement. More information about this program can be found on Steinhardt`s website or contact Mark Perez, Certification Officer and Yeshiva University Advisor, at or 212-998-5033.

Davenport University – All Associated Programs The resources on this page are designed to help students do research and prepare for transfer to continue their bachelor`s degree. In addition, students are encouraged to visit the centre to meet with a counsellor to discuss their academic preparation for the transfer; The transfer application process Higher education institutions and universities that offer their curriculum; Transfer scholarships; and additional transfer planning resources. New York Tech prefers to obtain transcripts electronically. We are pleased that you are submitting your official transcripts via one of the following electronic transcript networks: As a convenience for our students, here is a list of links to the colleges and universities that BMCC students pass on most often.